Too Much Information – Started May 5, 2005, updates almost every day. – “Life is what happens when Mom kicks you out of the house.” – When Ace is kicked out by his mother he finds himself sharing a house with some unusual roommates. Produced using Poser and an old copy of Photoshop it is 100% CGI. Adult situations, artistic nudity, and gay characters treated like real people.

Maddie’s Monster – A spin-off of Too Much Information. – “What do you do when even your monsters don’t measure up?” – Maddie finds the cutest little ancient evil in a closet in her new apartment.

AndyO!’s Bit-Bucket (Originally Obaki’s Bit-Bucket) – “It’s not all zombir, cat-girl and blonde jokes, but it might as well be.” – More or less random comics when I think of them.

And let’s not forget my friend Karen:

Planet Karen – Autobio comic by Karen Ellis, a cute goth girl making her life in the UK.