Sorry about leaving you all hanging.

I know it seems like I’ve dropped off the face of the Earth lately. Frankly, it feels like that, sometimes. I’ve had days that, other than doing necessities, I literally couldn’t get out of bed.

It’s probably a number of things.

A medical coverage screw-up, of my own making, pretty much left me without coverage for a couple months, and thanks to different rules I ran out of pills. Most notably, the antidepressants and the only non-narcotic pain reliever that’s worked for me (Gabapentin).

I think you might be willing to forgive me if I found it a little hard to get my site back online (after the server fried) and be creative when much of my left side is feeling like it’s on fire with the random ice pick being driven to the bone (neuropothy–on medication it only feels like I’ve been scalded, constantly). That, of course, is thanks to my stroke of almost exactly four years ago. I’m not getting any better and the neuropathy is getting worse. So I guess the depression’s been a bit worse for me lately, too.

AND (dun dun dunnnn) I’ve been trying to acclimate to a new med that’s supposed to help with the depression and pain relief. I guess it worked, but it was also knocking me out and/or completely sapped my motivation. I had to quit taking it. Medicaid doesn’t want to pay for it anyway. It’s only another $300 a month on top of the $400-$500 I’m already costing them in meds. Even so, I’m still feeling it’s effects.

BUT (ta-da) I’m not dead and neither is TMI. At least I’ve found some time to plot (bwah-hah-hah-haaaa). Right now, I’m trying to go through all of the old comics to make sure there are no missing pics or other glaring problems.

After I take a nap.