It’s getting a bit warm, so I shut down my computer and moved downstairs to watch some TV. Only a few minutes later I get an alert on my phone from Wordfence (a security plugin for WordPress) that two files have been altered. Easy fix, just pop upstairs, fire up the computer, have Wordfence fix the files and deal with the security hole that last-night’s WordPress update had re-opened.

Only Windows wants to do a file system check which is STILL going (not good). Grabbed my Kindle Fire and used it to have Wordfence fix the files. Kindle’s battery is way low and I don’t have the program on it I need to get on my web server to close the security hole. That’s when I discovered that my Windows Home Server (for backups) has died.

Pulled out my 6 year old laptop and got logged onto my webserver to take care of the security hole. Might have to change the laptop name from Dino, to Old Faithful.

The main computer may have a hard drive that’s failed or in the process of doing so, and my backup system has failed I don’t know when. I’m just hoping the Linux box I made out of really old spare is still going and that the backup software I was playing with and never shutdown after I put the Window Home Server together was actually doing something.

The good news is that I’ve already uploaded the next two comics.

The bad news is I may be rattling the tip jar extra hard over the next few days.