You remember the space battleship in Ace’s office? That’s the Space Battleship Yamato from the Japanese anime of the same name. Also known as Starblazers in the USA.

That 3d model, with a bunch of other neat freebies, is by Royloo.

I was a huge Starblazers fan when I was a young teen. Back when I still had money, I picked up the DVD set for the first season.

There’s a new live action version that came out in December. The trailer is totally awesome and I hope it becomes available in the US in the near future.

I came across this while looking for more information on the movie. Mind you, one thing I’ve never really been big on is models. But . . .

7 pounds of glorious metal. 17 inches long. Sound effects. Music. LEDs. And it includes 8 small craft and the DRILL MISSILE!

WANNIT WANNIT WANNIT! (No, if I had one I wouldn’t sleep with it. But there would probably be a bit of fondling.)

But seriously. This may be on my Amazon wishlist, but I really have no place to put it. So don’t get it for me, even if you can afford the $391 price tag.