Alyson Myatt did something most of us might at least hesitate to do. Run through flames to save a child. And for that, she’s been badly burned. Not just by the fire, but by a lack of insurance. is taking up a collection to help pay for the burn treatments she needs. A worthy cause. You can argue that there are those that are in more desperate straits, like most of Haiti (Mercy Corps remains my most favored charity for their work there), but worthy none the less. My $10 is already in.

What does have me wondering is WHY there’s no insurance. Lets face it, personal medical coverage isn’t what’s actually missing here. Seems to me, the liability for her treatment isn’t hers, it’s her employer’s, the home owner. I’m incredulous that someone that can afford a nanny, even a single father living in a small town, doesn’t have home owners or renters insurance. Or is there an insurance company playing sick games?