Feline Medical Clinic of Vancouver WA - Exclusively Cats

"Exclusively Cats"

If you live in Vancouver WA, or anywhere in SW Washington, I can’t imagine a better place to take your cat for treatment than the Feline Medical Clinic.  There’s 3 things you need from a vet:  skill, compassion, and straight talk.  I find all of these here.

They treat cats exclusively.  I’m sure my cat would appreciate the fact that this means no dogs in the waiting room (there’s a story there).  It really means that they know cats.  Not only are the vets specialists in feline medicine, but the assistants clearly have a way with cats.  (Shadow hates being picked up and held, yowling loudly, yet she’s quiet in their hands.)

They have my highest recommendation.

Feline Medical Clinic
5801 NE 105th Avenue
Vancouver, WA 98662