Finally feeling better Saturday. And it’s a good thing.

The doctor put me on antibiotics again. That’s the third time in 6 months. And I don’t want to talk about the effect that has on me in addition to already being ill. I’m finally done with that, so there’s a good chance of me being able to do a couple comics today (Sunday).

Saturday was something of an adventure.

Friday night as I was pretty much getting nothing done, I heard heard this odd *fritz* *fritz* *friiiiitz* sound. Then, my newer monitor (which would be just out of warranty) started flickering, then the picture went completely wonky, then a final “fritz* and dark. Some testing revealed that it was indeed dead. Fortunately, my old monitor still works fine.

Saturday morning I got up, pulled all my gear from my desk, and pulled my desk away from the wall. It’s this huge and very heavy thing I “inherited” when Mom switched to doing all her writing on a laptop. I’m still surprised we got it upstairs. Anyway, I needed to do this so I could unplug my UPS.

I needed the UPS because I was going to take a look, yet again, at a computer I’d built for my Mom’s friend. For some weird reason it would fail to boot up to Windows. The thing is, I had actually replaced every single part in the system. She had a new keyboard/mouse even. The only two things that hadn’t been changed were the monitor and the USB wireless adapter. I’d taken the machine back home 3 times already and I was thinking that the problem simply must be the power in her house. Hence the need for my UPS.

Well, the UPS didn’t change anything. It still kept rebooting before Windows could start unless we chose Safe Mode. I used several tools in Safe Mode and could not find a darn thing wrong or suspicious. At this point I’m thinking maybe I needed to reinstall Windows.

After all, we’d swapped out everything but the monitor, which didn’t seem a likely source of the trouble, and the USB wireless.

I could just kick myself. Number 1 clue: doesn’t work there, works fine when I take it home. At home I plug it into the network. At her place it’s hooked up to the wireless.

I reached up, pulled the USB cable from the wireless adapter and the computer boots up just fine. I’ve been messing with this problem for months and it’s the FIRST thing I should have checked.

Headed back home to a room in total disarray. Computers in various states of completion are on the bed, along with cables and power cords.

The first thing I do is set the UPS up on the router and DSL. I’ll take it back if I find a good price on a smaller one. But now at least the laptops won’t lose connectivity right away the next time the power goes out. (We’re about due.)

I take the opportunity to put my backup drive in a USB housing that’s been lying around for months, make a few changes to computer hardware, and start setting my desk back up.

It’s when I’m hooking up my KVM switch that I discover my newest motherboard doesn’t have a PS/2 mouse port. I know I have a PS/2 to USB adapter around somewhere, but judicious searching fails to locate it. I made a quick run to Fry’s. (HA! Me, Fry’s, quick? I wandered the store until almost closing.) Found a cheap adapter at least.

Then drove home in what may be the worst downpour of the year, after dark, and out of washer fluid. We’d had some light rain, so the road film was getting kicked up something fierce.

Made it home in one piece.

Hooked everything up, no sound on the front jack of my main computer. I must have knocked something loose when I had the thing open. That can wait. I plug the headphones in back. Everything else appears to be working, and I settle down watching an episode or three of anime.

I get an e-mail from a reader named Carly. Wondering if I’m OK.

Uh! Yeah! Still alive!

So how was your day?